M essage of Congress scintific

In the name of God, the compassionate , the merciful.

We appreciate the great God to pave the way for us to hold the fourteen th  scientific congress of pediatric neurology in Iran and its second international congress on february 17-19 th in 2015 in Hormozgan medical university.

We put all our efforts to stablish gatherings in a scientet and quiet atmosphere in order to discuss and present the last research-scientific achievements related to foreig and internal researchers and scientists in the feild of pediatric neurology and related majors.

This congress aims to focus on the following common topics :


  Neurodevelopmental Disorder & Dysmorphology

Neuromuscular Disorder

Neurometabolic & Neurodegenerative Disorder

  Local Geographic Neurological Disorder

The administrative commitee has focused all endevours on developing a proper environment in the beautiful city Bandar abbas, around Persian Gulf blue seashore and utilizing tourism attraction to draw the venerable participants attention.

My duty is to pay tribute sincerely to all colleagues contributing us to hold this congress including : the respectable medical training and treatment ministry , Hormozgan medical university management , managment and members of pediatric neurology association in Iran, the members of scientific and administrative congress .


Dr. Ali Reza Moayedi

The president of the Scientific Congress


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