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Program Congress

Topic: Epilepsy

17 Feb- Morning

Main Lecture

Dr Ghofrani

Decision Making in Epileptic Children

Main Lecture

Dr Mohammadi

Role of Electrodiagnosis on Approach of Epileptic Children

Panel (Case Problem)



Topic: Neurodevelopmental Disorder & Dysmorphology

17 Feb- Afternoon

Main Lecture

Prof. Perat

Early detection and Early Intervention

Main Lecture

Prof. Perats wife

Dysmorphology and Neurodevelopmental Delay


Dr Banu Anlar, Dr Hossein Karimi, Dr Keyhanidoot, Dr Taghdiri


Topic: Neuromuscular Disorder

18 Feb- Morning

Main Lecture

Dr Topaloglu

Approach to Neuromuscular Disorder and New Advance


Dr Tonekaboni, Dr Zamani, dr Nilipour, Dr Houshmand

2nd Session

Main Lecture

Dr Banu Anlar

Autoimmune Neurological Disorder





Topic:Neurometabolic & Neurodegenerative Disorder

18 Feb- Afternoon

Main Lecture

Prof. Federico

Treatable Neurolmetabolic Disorder

Main Lecture

Dr Topchu

Early Detection in Neurometabolic Disorder

Panel (Case Presentaion)

Dr Karimzdeh, Dr Ashrafi


Topic:Local Geographic Neurological Disorder

19 Feb- Morning

Main Lecture


Afeblile Seizure

Main Lecture


Febrile Seizure

Main Lecture


Loss of Consciousness

Main Lecture


CNS Infection



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